Even and Odd

“Bukankah kita adalah angka genap. Tak mungkin menjadi bilangan ganjil, selama tidak dikurangi. Kita terhimpun dalam suatu bagian lengkap, jumlah tetap yang tidak bisa dikali dan dibagi.”

(Lelaki Terindah, Andrei Aksana)


Have no idea about this sentence. In my opinion, it’s about couple story. Have you ever heard God make us in couple? We’re even when we have already found our soulmate. Then became odd when one of us leave first to meet Him. Is that so? Am I right? When being even, life’s full. But how about being odd? Is life’s suck? No at all. Being odd is the real adventure for me.


Talking about two types of number, I prefer to odds. Why? I don’t know. Maybe bcoz I’m 3rd daughter? Or bcoz I believe that 7 is the best number? Hahaha stupid me. For me, odd is cool. No need explain, bcoz it’s I can’t even explain to myself. Hey odd numbers, love you!


Sorry for this weird post. Made it in the midnight when I lost my mind bcoz of fucking tasks that I haven’t do yet. Hehehehe.



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