mentioned on 14th Dec 2011

Lil bit suprised when read this tweet from my SHS friend, Dania.

This is the way you think of me? Hohoho.

I know that I kinda person of “I don’t care what you say. It’s my life. Stop messing around with me!” or may be “Whatever you say. I play with my rules, dude!”

You can call me indifferent, nonchalant, arrogant, hauhty, or anything else. Actually, I just don’t really care about people’s opinions about me. Yeah, ME. Don’t ever think I would do your suggestion or listen your solution. I’m suck, don’t you think? Hahaha.

I don’t care what you say bout my style.

I don’t care what you say bout my attitude.

I don’t care what you say bout my works.

I don’t care what you say bout my whole life.


It was…

Then, do I have change? Somebody says, people change. But I don’t think so.

I just watched a good movie, Bridesmaids (2011). The story about Annie Walker that lost much things in the same time. But the worst, she lost her bestfriend Lilian. That’s frustrated. She thought Lilian changed. Eventhough she believe people is not change, just grow.

this is wahat I think about

I totally agree with Annie. Growing is not always changing, but somehow people think like that. I don’t like using word ‘change’ because in my point of view it looks bad, even it’s not always. As time goes by, we’ll become mature. World shows the real life we have to face, real life. To be a struggle man, we should have strategy. Lil change bout mind-set, attitude, style or something bad part of us. But we can back to them, don’t worry. We’re not change, just grow. Okay?

Confused? Haha, it’s fine. This is my weird opinion. I just assure my self that I’m not change, never.


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