Flying Lil Thoughts

Well, this is the new name for my blog: FLYING LIL THOUGHTS.


There’s a simple philosophy behind the making of this name. At the beginning, I thought, why I made a blog. Being cool? Following friend? Having free times? After thought so deep, back to a year ago, I remember: I made this blog for my 19th birthday gift! Yeah, I know that’s ridicolous. But, I think it’s important to give a gift for yourself. Honestly, analogue camera that I just bought is my 20th birthday gift for myself. And I love it 🙂


Then, what have I write down about? Special days, movie/book reviews, song lyrics, quotes, and another trivial things. Something useless and unimportant to read. Yeah, the gift isn’t used as it should be. So sad. But lately I read a very inspiring blog, it is Wilzkanadi’s. He just writes down his simple thoughts and develops it from his point of view that make sense so we like it. So cool! So I re-read all my posts (I don’t wanna compare our posts bcoz I know that mine is just garbages!) then found something: the posts are just about the things that drop by in my mind, never thinking bout it too deep. Just lil thoughts. Lil thoughts bout my feelings, lil thoughts bout days, lil thoughts bout everything that I like…


So, why do I add word ‘flying’ in front of the phrase? Please don’t think that I like Spongebob Squarepants’ Flying Deutchman! But I like his colour -green- which is my favorite. Back to the earth, the reason is: my lil thoughts never stay till the end. I mean, just like jailangkung -a straw man into whice the spirit of a departed person not personally familiar to the audience has entered- they are around us lil time then gone. I don’t think it so seriously, just for a while in free times. That’s why ‘flying’ is a suitable word for this blog’s name.


If there’s my post that doesn’t match with my blog’s name philosophy, just let it go at that hahaha. The most important is: I wish the gift is not useless anymore, I’ll use it as the way it’s used to be.


last but not least:

please welcome FLT!




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