When The Tears Fall Down?

Well, I’ve just done a tiring activity. You know what I’ve done? Secreted some liquids from my eyes a.k.a cried.. The tears were starting fell down when I was watching a movie titled “Everything’s Fine” (2008) that told about a man who visits his children to make sure that they’re happy. But they don’t, they just pretend to make the man feels fine. At the end, I realized that message from this film is: even the worst thing happens, just say ‘everyhing’s fine’ then we’ll feel that way. Amen.


But this time I don’t wanna talk about the movie. The tears are the point. You know when the tears fall down? It appears while people sad, exaclty. It’s like, sadness and tears are partners, can’t be separable. But some people also cry when they’re happy. Honestly, I never like that yet. How can the sad expression become the happy one? I have no idea bout that till know. Maybe, like my friends say, I am a frigidity.


When I was little, everyday I cried bcoz my daddy always snapped at me. Well, I always did something stupid that made him became hot blooded. That’s why I was afraid to meet him every weekend. But now I meet him everyday and I love communicate with him. At least, I know why the tears fell down at that time.


In high school, I seldom cried. I just enjoyed the moments and didn’t have time for being sad. But of course, I ever did. I cried when I fought with my mommy. Then I entered my room and crying on my bed with face that covered by pillow. Nowadays, when we fight, I don’t be like that anymore. Just grumbling loudly, . Well, I’m not mature yet.


But now, after thinking a lot, I realized what’s the reason I cry. Something silly, watching sad movie. Yeah, almost about family story or love story. After that, I thought bout my self, then cried again. The point is: I take a pity to myself. It’s bad. I don’t wanna think like that but I can’t againts that thoughts. But sometimes I think it’s important to crying bcoz it can make me feel better, somehow.


That’s the way the tears of mine fall down lately…



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