Annyong haseyo!

Let’s get down about something double dutch for me. It’s about korean popular a.k.a K-pop. What do you know about this? Well, I know a bit about it. The dramas; language (hangul) – I’ve ever learn about it before K-wave happened, on grade 8th; entertaiers; movies (especially horror); and of course: the boybands or girlbands.

Actually I follow the K-entertaiment news (I make my own title haha), especially the (boy/girl)bands I like. I think it’s important to know about them, even little. Why? Bcoz, as my experience, K-pop infects not only teenangers, but also young adults like us. Some of my friends do. If you know about K-pop, it’s easier to minimalize dry and crispy conversation with K-pop lovers. You know, I don’t judge, but the things that they really know without doubt are the news about their idols. Yeah, you just need to hooked up about the their idols and they’ll become alive radio that can’t stop talking. Believe me, it works. But, don’t be a dumb listener. Sometimes to open the conversation, we have to know the issue first, even it’s out of date. At least, you know the members. That’s why we talking, to know the update, isn’t it?

Another reason why I keep an eye to K-pop is about their performances. Well, mostly music entertainers can dance, expert instead. Then some of their fans go with the stream, dancing. I do it too, but just for fun haha. I prefer watching their live performances on TV bcoz it’s more attractive than on MV. Besides, the costums are greats, suit with the themes of the song/album. I mean the preparations are so fringging awesome: concepts of costums, dances, make up, etc. We sholud learn more from them about entertaiment communication marketing.

Actually the main reason I like K-pop is: I love oriental face! Haha lil bit ridicolous. Narrow eyes, bright-skinned, dark hair: totally my type! Have no comment about it, it’s just absolutely subjective. Thank God, it’s East Asia’s ages of glory, so I can see the orientals everywhere 😀

Well, I thinks it’s a very unimportant-to-read post haha. I’ll write more, don’t worry hahaha.

Catchya later w/ my favorite korean idols hihihi don’t get bored!


Annyong gaseyo!

my fave korean boyband: BIG BANG
my fave korean boyband: BIG BANG

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