Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst

Well, this quote is my favorite one this time. I dont know who made it, but thank to him/her bcoz makes me to think old in mind since I heard. At a glance, I totally agree with this. But I have curiousity suddenly. What’s the similarity between hope and plan? They’re just our thinks in mind. But why they get a very different ending? Honestly, sometimes I don’t get the differences between them on daily life. Is hope always for positive thinks and vice versa with plan?



Lil doubt about this part.

What’s the reason? Well I know, as human, we always hope the best things happen to us. But sometimes I think: something best is not always what we need. Sometimes we just need the good one that makes it perfect instead. Perfect is better then best, isn’t it? The best school, the best score, the best stuffs, and another best things. But don’t you think that something best is measured by other? Honestly, I’ve turned the stomach w/ the saying: “This is the best for you, we know that.” Oh, c’mon! They think they’re GOD?! Then I doubt about word ‘best’. In some situation, we think it’s have already, but they (family/friends/someone else in our life) don’t think so. Hope for the best, what kind of best? Let’s ask the swing grass.




I know I couldn’t agree anymore. Every things that we plan, the worst is the most prepared. We’re ready for the best, but the worst is the high light. Sometimes we’re just forget about the real target bcoz we’re too focus with this will-come-bad-luck. Am I right?



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