that’s why…

lil conversation between Kak Enni (Sunday School Teacher) and one of Sunday School’s student from class Daniel (call him X) on Sunday (26/08)


E : “Bang, kok ga duduk?”

X : “Kak Yanti blum datang kak. boleh jajan ga?”

E : “Kak Yanti hari ini emang ga datang, bang. jajan nanti aja ya setelah ibadah.”

X : “oh, Kak Yanti ga datang. berarti boleh pulang ya kak.”

E : “………………..”


that’s why i love them. that’s why i miss them 🙂

they said, “I can’t handle them! it’s hard teaching them. they’re too fussy,troublesome, blahblahblah”

for me, students of sunday school’s daniel are just lovable. that’s it!


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