Paper Heart: Some Contents Of Love

Paper Heart (2009) is a American romantic comedy movie that packaged as a documentary film. It’s about a girl, Charlyne Yi –called Chuck– that looked for the meaning of love or true love. She interviewed some people: her friends, some children, just got married couple, gay couple, a widower, and some couples that have been together for many years. Chuck made this film with his friend Nick Jasenovec. Nick’s the director.

In course of filming, Chuck had a relationship a boy called Michael Cera. But it didn’t work out smoothly. Once they broke up because Mike couldn’t stand for the camera that always followed them everywhere. Yeah, Chuck’s the main character, no wonder if camera always followed her anytime, anywhere, with anyone. But in the end, they became together again, because of Nick’s suggestion. Yes, there are some moments that should be out of record.

The cream of this film is the interviewee’s opinions of true love. There re so many of them, but the point is if you can’t live without this person, she/he is your true love. That’s it! The point of views of this word is sometimes, I think, too overrated. But I have no comment on this. I haven’t found my own true love yet… Besides, this movie gives me some lessons about love: the problems, the definitions, the substances, and many more. Btw I like the ilustrations for every love story that told by interviewees, they’re cute!

One of the lil love story that touchable is Mike’s. He was married for 11 years with Sarah. Then they got divorced because she didn’t want to be married anymore. But he thought Sarah wasn’t his true love. He believed that his true love is a girl he loved for past 20 years. Till something happened when he took a trip on Alaska. When he’s crossing the river with very high and cold waterways, his horse lost its footing and rolled. He and the horse went down the river, the water was moving really fast. It overtook and held him under the water for about 45 seconds. Then all of sudden he saw Sarah’s face, not the past girl’s. And that’s when he started reaching for it and he power-swam to the top and popped out of the river’s top. The love from that marriage was still there. After that, he thinks Sarah is his true love. He just never realized it before, unfortunately…


“People fall out of love. People change. And what they want and what the other person wants is just different. Rack ‘em up. ”

“And true love is a whole different thing. That only once in a while, once in a lifetime, I think.”

“ But I think the problem with true love is that it has to be on both sides. That’s what make it so difficult. Like she might have been my true love, but maybe I wasn’t her true love.”

- Mike Modrack (divorce)


Do you believe in marriage?

“People that I know are married aren’t happy. Most of them, the straight ones. And the gay ones aren’t really happy either. It’s like, what’s the point? And for us it’s not real. “

-David Sartor (Gay, together 10 years with John Pivovarnick)


What’s the definition of divorce?

“I think probably the best definition of divorce is the taking of two people who one proclaimed their love for each other and separating them as far as you can apart.”

-Don R. Emerson (judge)


Why is there so many divorces?

“Well, one thing is they’re not getting to know each other enough before they decide to get married, and they’re get married too quick. That could be one thing. And another thing is, you know, we’re not a very patient society. So I think that maybe people get into relationships, and if they’re not exactly the way they want them and there’s no quick fix, they just give up.”

-Sally Emerson (Don’s wife)


What would your advice be for someone who isn’t sure if they’re in love and will find love?

“Well, I would say: take a minute and look at your life. Look at the person that you think likes you. Find out yourself.”

-A lil boy in the park


What’s the definition of love?

“When you meet somebody and you just get that feeling like you’d known them forever and they’re definitely a part of your life and you can’t imagine life without them and you want to be with them every minute of every day and share everything with them, that’s love.”

-Bob & Lois Sullivan (married 50 years)


Last, how’s the main character’s opinion?

“I dont care! Life is too short to be wondering what if! Sometimes you just gotta live and see what happens, even if you get hurt. Sometimes you can only feel something if you take a risk.”

-Charlyne Yi (in a relationship with Michael Cera)


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