lil letter

Hey, someone out there. I don’t have to smile to you who hurt me many times. You don’t deserve it, sometimes. It’s not like I hate you, but kinda tired. I’m sick of pains you’ve made inside my heart. I even can believe that you still talk to me like I’m your buddy. It’s better giving you my poker face than fake smile. Because that’s poker face is for, hiding the feeling.

But, of course, I’ve forgive you. Don’t worry. Even I know you will not feel that. There’s no fault than can’t be forgiven, I believe that. I just don’t think to having much communication between us. Because you’ll give me another pains, maybe. I hope you won’t.

I’ve prayed for you and always will, like what you do to me. Until I can give my ingenuous smile, just like old times when we’re chummy to each other, all you need just being patient while waiting. One thing you have to know: I still love you and will always.

Yanti Nainggolan


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