here’s the ‘SPEED’

here’s some kinds of some photos that using speed techniques. I’m just an amateur, don’t expect too much. but I took them myself. hahaha!


Panning is a photography technique performed through capturing an object in motion while moving the camera in parallel to the object. By moving the camera together with the object, the object remains sharp and the background becomes blurred. The background blur is a result of the motion and is in the opposite direction of the object motion.


Freezing/stop action is a very common technique. Given a scene with an object that moves at a certain speed, the photographer can capture it with a high shutter speed and freeze the action.

smearing (slow motion)

Smearing/slow motion is photographing with a shutter speed slow enough that the objects to be photographed are blurred in their motion. Due to the fact that the target objects are slightly blurred.


Bulb is a shutter speed setting on an adjustable camera that allows for long exposure times under the direct control of the photographer. With this setting, the shutter simply stays open as long as the shutter release button remains depressed.


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