buha buha ijuk!

Oh my God, it’s already April! Time passes so fast, in a good way. Yeah, I just wanna share some photos of my Sunday School’s kids during Easter Day last month. You know, at the end of March 2013 we celebrated Jesus’ revival which is called Easter Day. On my church tradition, since 2005 I thought, we did praying at 4 pm called “Buha-buha Ijuk”. Why? Because, as Bible says,  Jesus rose from the dead very early in the morning. After prayed, the Sunday School’s kids had to do something that really they looked forward to: seeking Easter eggs. Yeah, the Sunday School’s teachers had already hid some eggs.  Can you believe that the kids that hardly wake up every day to go to school have already wide awake at the dawn just to seeking the eggs? Moreover, they’re already brought flashlights! After got some eggs, these kids will be given some questions about Bible’s story and got gifts if they’re answered it correct. You know, this kind of event is so deadly tiring. Boiling and hiding the eggs, waking up so early, wrapping the gifts up, and serving Sunday School again at the morning. Can’t deny that it’s exhausting. But… seeing the cheerful faces of God’s children is more exciting! It’s worthy and equitable. Yes, it is. Trust me.

“Now on the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they, and certain other women with them, came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared.” (Luke 24: 1)

Sunday School’s Teachers
we are the girls!
seeking the eggs?

me and anggi

melati (7 y.o)

ega (8 y.o)

abigail (under 5 y.o)
brian (under 5 y.o)

fani (under 5 y.o) and Inang Hutapea

tian (under 3 y.o) – he’s my favorite one!

angel (9 y.o) and her cousin

I dunno who’s this lil cute angel 🙂

tokhon (10 y.o)

this bald kid is my student: kokot (8 y.o)

these Sunday School’s teachers love camera so much!

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