between prayers dan happiness

One of the saddest words on the earth for me is when your best friend, one of some who understands you more than you know yourself, says “Sorry. But for this one, I can’t pray for your happiness, sister…”

Although she said it in the middle of joking, at the lil restaurant which is always noisy, but you still could hear it. Although she knows that you’ll still stand with your decisions no matter what. Altough she knows how’s the condition. Although she knows that you don’t wanna have another happiness but that one… And you just laughed, sadly.

Some people think that happiness is made by ourselves. It’s not wrong. I just believe people who love you will always pray for your happiness, right? No matter how far they are, how busy  or randy their life. They’ll take a time in between and ask God for something that human being wants the most, happiness. For yours. It’s like some happiness is given gratuitously by God to you because of their request. Isn’t it? My faith believe that the power of pray is enormously big. That’s why don’t you ever forget to do it.

Then what would you do if happiness is no longer you get from their prayers?



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