Song: Wings (Birdy)


Oh lights go down

In the moment we’re lost and found

I just wanna be by your side

If these wings could fly

Oh damn these walls

In the moment me’re ten feet tall

And how you told me after it all

We’d remember tonight

For the rest of our lives


Have you ever heard this song? Well, call me mainstream, but I bet you’ll like the MV bcoz it’s adventurous classic. And the gloomy music, that’s enchanting.


Under a trilion stars…

This is my favorite part. So here’s the thing: I do stargazing many times with some people at some places. Stargazing is one of the ways to enjoy His creation freely. And this song reminds about a night I spend with someone I liked, stargazing. This song reminds me that night in the dark we’re just lost our mind, not thinking about anything, and found ourselves just wanna be next to someone we love with no words. Just enjoyed the stars shining. Sometimes lil talks came up, but only a few minutes, then it’s all just silent again. It’s the real serenity that I love the most.


Last weekend I star-gazed with my friends at the beach. We looked so much stars at the sky shining brightly. And sometimes falling stars horrendoused us. Then it became late night, closer to the dawn, the stars became more and more bright. And unconsciously, I told my friend that stargazing like that made me remember him. The next minutes, I found myself told anything about him to my friend uninterruptedly, all the stories we passed. I said that the feeling when I’m stargazing with him, I wanna feel it again someday.


And now, I realize that this song reminds me that I miss him too much. And I just can’t handle it, sadly. But he’s already gone with his wings, not gonna miss me at all.

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