2014, well done!

Well, 2015 is around the corner! Time flies so fast….

I’d like to say thankyou to 2014. It’s not an easy year, seriously. I learned so much for the last 12 months. So I called it a struggling year.

I learned that we have to be consistent fir what we choose. Whatever we do, never forget our duty. What we started should be finished. Never give up while doing it. Cuz you know, we’re the one who make the ending. To make a new story, we should end the old ones. Even tough we got stuck and totally depressed with it, we know that’s the only way. All we can do just struggling and struggling. And at the end, we’ll be glorious satisfied about the results.

I learned that to get what we want, effort is needed. It’s not they’ll always give, but sometimes I must ask. Or take the first step. And it’s not always a good feedback. But giving up is not an option for me. I’m still trying and trying. End of the year doesn’t mean end of effort.

Anyway, I’ve accomplished some things in 2014: internship and graduated for bachelor degree. I also did some nature vacation to some place: Dieng, Pacitan, and Jungwok beach. Wish I can do another getaway next year.

Well, last but not least:
2014, well done!



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