Goodbye, 22!

You know what? The last lesson I’ve got on my last day being 22 is karma seriously does exist. When you do something bad to them, then you’ll get the same way as you did. It’s all about timing.

And fun facts, maybe you will do just like what they did after bad things you’ve done to them. You thought they’re so unmature, acting like children or even doing something shit for you. But then you become them. It’s a pity actually, but somehow you’re the jerk.

Well, I’m happy that my 23 is around the corner. Being 22 is so adorable, but still, shit came by and I hope it won’t happen twice in my life from now on.

Anyway I’d like to say bigthanks to this day, I won’t forget what I feel this date. The feeling of being stupid but honest to someone. And also now I know how it feels when got rejected but have to pretend like you’re the strong one. Ohgod, that’s sucks!

So my dear 23, can’t wait to be you!


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