Movie: Flipped (2010)

Flipped is my one of favourite drama movies all the time! Had been heard about this movie but I had no time watching it. Then, through this challenge, I told you why I’m so in love with this lovely teenage movie.

This romantic movie is a story about Juli Baker (Madeline Carroll) who’s got love at first sight with her new neighbour, Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe), on his first day moved in. After that day, Juli was obsessed to him from grade school till high school. She became Bryce’s shadow, always allowed him wherever he went. Bryce, on the other side, knew that and disliked. He avoided her but he couldn’t resist it. In the end, as the story went by, Bryce changed and realized that Juli was his first love and made some effort to prove it since she started to give him up.

This movie is simple but brilliant! Using classic time and teenagers is a good combination, I think. And just like the title, the movie uses both of point view, Bryce’s and Juli’s. Well, knowing how two people seeing something from their own thoughts is so interesting. You can see how complicated a falling-in-love-girl’s thought and boy’s insensitivity of someone’s caring, in my opinion. And through both versions, I can say that timing is everything. It realises, proves, and heals.

One thing I learn from this movie: when you love someone sincerely, it’s hard to pretend you don’t, even to yourself. Just like what Juli did, she tried to not ‘buying’ the boys in the charity which is raising money by accompany the girls lunch. Juli didn’t want to buy Bryce cuz she thought it’s time to give up and stopped chasing him after all whereas she already saved money for a long time to had lunch together with him. But she couldn’t handle it, at the end. She got the money and wanted to ‘buy’ him. Even though he became such a jerk to her. But Juli’s still in love with him and forgave him. Well, that’s love, something you can’t handle yourself.



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