2017 means big change(s)

2017 will be a quite important year to me. There are some changes and I’m so excited! It’s like a have something like to-do-list that waiting to be done while you’re a kid: feeling flare up and challenging. And I know it’s not gonna be easy, I also know that I’m not gonna be alone to face it.  

Well, not all people love transformation or change. But, today I learn something that make me believe change is not that bad, exciting instead. It’s those people who encourage you, support you to make that change. No matter how brave you are to change, if you don’t have companion or someone who push you to do that, you’ll just stuck on the same place. I do believe this. 

It’s simply because you’ll need someone to rely on when you feeling like give up. I know that there are some people that dislike with the change you’ve (or you’ll) make but they’ll always by your side in any situation. But, no, sometimes it’s better to talk to people who support you from the beginning. Why? Because somehow you’ll give mental investment on that people. Your supporters are like a bank where you save your hope on them, through words you say. 

Your supporters will never say ‘Told ya, it’s not gonna work out’ cus even though you failed, they’ just say ‘i’ts OK’ in so many way: hug you, keep smile, and something sweet acts to make you feel better. And you’ll get better, get up, and fight the world again cus you get a new power. That power that already you’ve invest to somebody that make you stronger!

So, just like I wrote, find your own supporter before make change. Everybody needs a deposit to make something big change, at least for yourself, include mental saving. Right?

And honestly, I hate those people who come to you just say ‘Let’s back to the basic, leave that change’. Sorry, let’s not be friend anymore!

Even your expressions always change

Bunch of loves,
Yanti Nainggolan

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