how i miss playing around with water

some people just cannot stop fall in love with water, especially sea, and i am one of them. it is like, i can forget all my burdens when i am all around big water. being inside the sea makes me better.


even though i am not so good at swimming, i still believe that water can keep me safe and sound (with the life jacket and fin hehehe). serenity inside the deep water holds me tender.


sometimes i think that water is an alive creature that knows how is my feeling without notified. just like you enjoy the wind on the beach with closed eyes, but in this situation, i keep my eyes wide open. all you feel just calmness.

the last time i say hi to sea was March this year with my bestie Titum, on Karimun Jawa island (Middle Java). i snorkled to three island (did not heard the name when mentioned by guide, huvt).

unfortunately, it was cloudy all day long so i could not show my sunburn skin to my fellas when i came back to town. but i really enjoyed the moments.

for lunch, we stopped by to an island and got hard rain! since the rain drizzles got to our plates, so we ate the lunch with rain water inside the plate. will never forget that! after around thirty minutes hard rain that became the light one, we still waited on the island. i felt chilly so i wore my rain coat, looked like a weirdo but i did not care.

well, on this third time snorkeled experience, i did it without life jacket!! OMG i was so proud of myself. *crying emote*
never thought i can do that. at first, i was so afraid cuz i know i am not so good at swimming. but then, saw Titum can do that easily, i collected all my courage and challenged myself (yes, i am the competitive one). i was taught by a guide called Morgan. but i failed to swim without life jacket cuz every time i got nervous and slowly to sink, he helped my fast.

after some times trying, finally i could snorkel without life jacket! oh thank God! but unfortunately, till the end of activity, i could not dive so i did not get a great pics inside the water. huh. at least i got a new lesson lah yaaa 🙂

about the corals on Karimun Jawa, i think they are the best so far. the color of them are soft, but not monotonous. the water is still clear and there is no jellyfish (when i snorkeled on Gili Trawangan island, Lombok, i got bitten by them on face!). shortly, i love this island!


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