​”Friends can break your heart too.”

It’s true.

Having your heart broken is not always about the romantic relationship.

Having a best friend includes spending hundreds even thousands of days together.

Maybe you have same favorite songs, or same taste in food, or same favorite movies, or anything. It makes the bond stronger.
But somehow, we all know that reality eventually will fuck us. Things does go wrong, somehow.

And sometimes, there are things that are out of control.

Fate, destiny? I don’t know.

What I know is, no matter how long you have build the relationship, if someone was meant to leave, they will leave.
The hardest thing is, it is so fucking hard to accept that you can’t talk to them anymore.

There is this thing inside human that is known as ego.

You don’t want to let go, but you won’t tell them. Because you are scared that it might seem like it is your fault, that the reason is you–they leave.
Not just that, not just the unacceptance.

Not just sadness.

But anger, you are mad because remembering that all those time, you were always there and in just one reason? Boom.

Everything disappear. Yet the memories will always haunt you for a long long time.
Until you move on.
Indeed my friend, friends will break your heart too. And it’s worst.
– Your Pluto.

PS. I found this post on LINE timeline and could not hold myself not to repost. 


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