I am Me

Hello gorgeouses!

First of all, cheers for visiting my blog:)

Well, I’m Yanti Nainggolan, call me Yanti. Or Yantong, my slang name, like my besties call me.

I’m just a little girl who tries to be a better person day by day. Trying to understand the complication of life and its unfair. But, I know that somewhere out there many people’s not luckier than me. That’s why I’m trying to stop grumbling and complaining, in progress I hope.

I act like what I think, not imitative someone else. I believe that everyone in this world has a special character. That’s why we don’t have to follow another’s style. I’m the style. Can’t deny that I like something sarcasm, means an impolite honesty. Well, sometimes honesty is cruelty. But bitter medicine still cures, doesn’t it?

I like communicate. I’m sick of journalism but deeply in love with media-world, for now. I believe someday journalism will be my bestie, it has to be! Still learning, I make this blog to share my lil thoughts that always flying around my head, the unimportants of course.

Last but not least, just enjoy!

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Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer! (Romans 12: 12)

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