Who’s these two girls?

On one package: superb sisters, crazy friends, abnormal partners, worst enemies, amateur therapists, or even unexpected soulmates. That's why I wanna keep them like forever cuz they're always by my side in a good or bad conditions. Thankyou for the love that you both give for me, Paskah Andriany Purba and Evi Komala Simamora. A... Continue Reading →


Tentang bekerja

Beberapa waktu lalu, teman saya bilang kalau pekerjaannya membosankan karena ga mikir. Bahkan kemarin teman saya yg lain juga bilang kalau pekerjaan dia yang baru pun ga terlalu mikir. Jadi sebenarnya, pekerjaan yang diinginkan adalah pekerjaan yang mikir, gitu? Sejujurnya saya tak terlalu peduli apakah perkerjaan mikir itu penting apa engga, yang penting pekerjaan itu... Continue Reading →

What I feel to you

You make me really really sad. That's exactly what I feel to you. I've tried my best for you like I never do to anyone else. I wanna be your priority but you just treat me like a glance. And that's why you're special. Oh, damn.

Please stop doing that, gurls!

Halo, sudah (sangat) lama tak bersua! Hanya ingin mampir sebentar untuk mempertanyakan suatu hal yang sangat mainstream dan membuat saya, sebagai cewek, secara pribadi jijik. Pertanyaan ini muncul ketika saya sedang melakukan hobi baru: kepo. Istilah yang sudah tak asing di mana ini menjadi kegiatan favorit saya sebelum tidur (duh, ketahuan!). Lebih detail, saya suka... Continue Reading →

Of everything

I'm feeling dizzy. I'm feeling unwell. I'm feeling stressful. They say if you're body isn't good, then you should find the reason. Well, I know why. Cuz I'm still a jobseeker. I have nothing to do. And that sucks. I'm feeling blue. I'm feeling bad. I'm feeling sad. That's why I'm not OK. That's why... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, 22!

You know what? The last lesson I've got on my last day being 22 is karma seriously does exist. When you do something bad to them, then you'll get the same way as you did. It's all about timing. And fun facts, maybe you will do just like what they did after bad things you've... Continue Reading →

2014, well done!

Well, 2015 is around the corner! Time flies so fast.... I'd like to say thankyou to 2014. It's not an easy year, seriously. I learned so much for the last 12 months. So I called it a struggling year. I learned that we have to be consistent fir what we choose. Whatever we do, never... Continue Reading →

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