off balance

well, spending the holiday, I watch all seasons of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). i love Ted Mosby. he’s just so me, his character.

not just laughing, i also get some moral values from this American TV show. one of them is:


“it’s sometimes possible you’re doing just fine in life and then someone opens your eyes a bit and then you realize your whole world is off balance,out of whack, crooked.”

-No Tomorrow (Season 3. Ep 12)


it’s true. i mean, it happens in my life often. i think i’m doing good, but truthfully, it’s a big mistake. thank God, i have some friends that patiently remind me that when it’s out of control. i just wanna say that: the one who open your eyes is the one who you cannot be loose. he/she is your real reminder. well, maybe you have not only one, but still, don’t ever think to let them go. because once you loose them, it’s not impossible that your eyes can’t be opened widely.

i just experienced it yesterday. for a long time, i thought that what i had done (until last night) is the right thing. it’s about waiting. then my bestie titoom took a look and told me that it’s not right. “you deserve better” she said. then somehow i changed my mind-set and realized that she’s right. i’ve been wasting my time to wait something not important. i can find a better one, instead. oh God, i’m so grateful for having a bestie like her!

the main point is: we can’t see our off balanced thing ourselves because you don’t think it’s crooked. it’s just right and work out. and we need someone to tell it to us. before it’s too late and we regret it.


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